How to buy cheap tools on craigslist

Let’s face it – woodworking is expensive hobby. There’s always some tool, material or something else that you need, but don’t have. But for most of us, buying everything is not an option. We have to make hard decisions and buy only things that are essential. But these kinds of budget-related hardships also makes us stronger. Over the years, i’ve developed experience in bargain hunting, which allows me to stretch my budget and have more tools without excess expenses. There are many ways to get good deals on tools, but in this post, i’ll be sharing tricks that i use to find good bargains on craigslist. I used these tips to buy excellent used electric wood splitter. Even the article by TheSawExpert cites my splitter as one of the best.

Granted, there are many scammers on craigslist, but those listings are quite easy to spot, so it doesn’t really pose problem for us. There are many more listings that are legit used tools, and some of them are truly rare gems. Those are hard to come by, but with enough expertise and patience, finding them is certainly possible.

To start the search for good deals, first you need to write down what kind of tools you’re looking for. If you’re just generally interested in expanding your toolkit, that’s even better, because you’ll have wider pool of options. If you’re beginner though, it’s better to first get some versatile tool that can do lots of different types of work. First thing that comes to mind, is circular saw.

 Whenever i’m shopping for used tools on craigslist, i always shop on Amazon first to find the models and brands that i like. If brand and model are important to you, then make sure you get the exact cost of that one. Amazon has great features to help you pick the best tool for yourself and i like reading the reviews. Once i’m done choosing, i search those specific models on craigslist. It’s good to have multiple options lined up, so that if one’s not for sale on Craigslist, you can try others. Starting your deal-hunt by looking up new models is also beneficial because it gives you rough estimate of how much you should expect to pay for the same tool in used condition. Well-maintained used tools usually go for half the list price, but i’ve found some that cost much less.

Getting to know pros and cons of different brands will also serve you well in your search for bargain tools. Home improvement tools are usually divided in two categories – professional and amateur. Professional tools are made for people who make a living doing this kind of stuff, whereas amateur-oriented tools, as the name suggests, are for people who only use those tools on weekends. They’re not made for heavy duty work, and will quickly break down if you use them everyday for rough tasks. But if you just plan to use them occasionally, they’re perfect.    For example, Ryobi is one of the brands that makes tools for amateurs. I use many of their tools, and they’re really great, as long as you don’t use it for high-maintenance work. On the other hand, DeWalt is more expensive and made for heavy duty tasks. So buying DeWalt and not utilizing it to it’s full extent would be a waste of money.

How to store your tools efficiently

Knowing how to properly store your tools is one of the most important skills to have for any DIYer. Manufacturers usually do fine job while manufacturing the tools. They try to ensure that it will last at least couple of years, but not storing your tools properly might make that lifespan shorter. That’s why i’ve been searching for better way of storing tools for the past few months. I’ve found some rare tips and tricks that helped me, and could certainly help you store your tools more efficiently. Some of these might seem obvious, but i thought i’d include them anyway, since some of the readers might be complete beginners.
 First of all, let’s talk about metal tools. Tools that are made of metal or aluminum, should be kept in dry and dark place. When moisturized, metal tissues dissolve more easily, resulting in corrosion and rust. Sun beams and moisture is usually the main cause, so keeping them in dark and dry space should slow down the process. If these tools are too big to store in a box, try to cover them up with something to prevent sun and moisture from reaching its surface. I think it also goes without saying that battery powered tools like worm drive saws should also be protected from rain or other potential sources of water damage.

 Finding space for storage drawers or toolboxes wasn’t hard for me, but it might be for others. I use one remote corner of my garage as the headquarters for my woodworking operations. Luckily for me, my garage is quite spacey so i’m able to fit everything i need in there easily. Including my portable air compressor, which i bought according to these tips by TheSawExpert. If you live in apartments, there are some cool designs for toolboxes on Pinterest. They are intended to perfectly blend in with the furniture, so your apartment won’t look weird if someone comes over. Remember that these should just be inspirations, and you’re free to improvize by tweaking these designs to fit your needs.

 If you’re short on space in your garage, i believe there are some tools that allow you to utilize unused storage space on the walls and in the ceiling. In my experience, hangers are great for small and medium sized tools, but might not work for heavy ones.

 If you have a shed, check if you have some space in there, too. A lot of people who don’t have garages store their tools in a shed.

Choosing splitting maul for your home

I’ve recently bought my summer home in lake tahoe, and it comes with fireplace. So, naturally, i was looking for options. I had the option of buying wood that was already split, or buying logs and splitting them myself. As for splitting, i had to make a choice between the hand work, by which i mean using splitting axe, or using efficient log splitter machines, which are much more expensive. I decided to go with splitting mauls, and did a little bit of research to make sure i made the right choice.

First of all, i wondered why did i even need splitting maul in the first place. Couldn’t i just use my regular axe? And the answer to that, is – yes, regular axes can technically be used for the task, but they’re inefficient, and if you’re planning to do this a lot, they’re going to break down quickly. So good wood splitting axe is really worth the investment. First of all, they are longer in length, so they’re much safer to use. If god-forbid any accident happens, you won’t injure yourself. And i believe safety is the most important concern when dealing with sharp tools. It’s also designed for splitting wood, which means it can perform the job faster and better. Not to mention the fact that it doesn’t even cost that much more than regular axe.

Spotting good axe for splitting wood isn’t hard. It obviously has to have sturdy build and be built of high quality materials. You don’t want it to break or crack in the process. Good and somewhat obvious way to tell quality tools apart, is to look at the brand. They might have higher prices, but that’s usually for a reason. Looking at online and amazon reviews is also pretty good indicator of quality, but it’s not totally foolproof.

 After few days of research, i landed on Fiskars X27 splitting maul. It had just the perfect length for my height. It also weighs just enough to have good impact strength, but not too much so swinging it doesn’t make your arms tired. But it also does require certain amount of strength to wield.  I’m six foot two, and i find it just perfect for my height, so for people with average height this exact model might not work well. I think they have shorter versions though. I can also attest to it’s sharpness – it was one of the sharpest axes i’ve ever tried. My friends, who have used other splitting mauls in the past, have also noted it’s perfect sharpness. It can split logs of any size i’ve tried. I haven’t tried very big ones, but anything up to 25 inches in diameter is fair game.

I hope this tutorial helps someone.

Few reasons for why you should travel more

The advantages of voyaging are not only a one-time thing: voyaging transforms you physically and mentally. Having brief period or cash is certainly not a substantial reason. You can fly for shoddy effectively. In the event that you have an all day work and a family, you can in any case travel on the ends of the week or holidays, even with a child.

From eliminating worry, to bringing down your odds of building up a coronary illness, the medical advantages of voyaging are colossal. You may remain sitting on a seat throughout the day at the working environment: including some strolling to your outing is certain to improve your body feel. For some people, wandering abroad is even a cure for discouragement and tension. Obviously, it is anything but an idiot proof cure, yet it may enable you to rest easy, both physically and mentally.

Setting out more is probably going to tremendously affect your psychological prosperity, particularly in case you’re no used to leaving your customary range of familiarity. Trust me: travel increasingly and your specialist will be cheerful. Make certain to connect with your doctor, they may prescribe some solution to go with you in your movements, particularly in case you’re making a beeline for locales of the globe with possibly risky ailments.

This is to a great degree identified with my past point. We have a tendency to be so made up for lost time in our day by day experience that occasionally by essentially staying around we may cause more damage than great. Your manager is assuming control over your life? Children are making you frantic? Your folks are endeavoring to make you carry on with the existence they need? To what extent do you want to deal with this weight before you burst and everything breaks apart?

In some cases it is best to make a stride back, take a full breath and take go that Tower Bridge selfie. All joking aside, travel is definitely not an awful alternative – it is the most regular method for instigating the inclination you miss somebody or that you are missed. Try to leave with a touch of arrangement to avoid making a mix-up amid your adventure. In addition, in case you’re flying, you better begin thinking about booking your tickets sooner than later.

Being all the more understanding and tolerant about a culture not the same as our own is a piece of being more intelligent, however I think about it as an advantages of going in itself. There is a statement by Saint Augustine, which goes “The world is a book, and the individuals who don’t travel read just a single page”. You could consider it thusly: on the off chance that you read what’s in the news or watch the news on TV and don’t address it, you’re absent on a huge amount of data. You may imagine that it makes you more intelligent and more mindful of the world, yet it’s the correct inverse: it limits your psyche to a one of a kind and one-sided point of view.

I have most likely that you’re a remarkable conversationalist. That being stated, including a couple of stories from abroad is probably going to give you considerably more consideration. Specifying something that the vast majority aren’t comfortable with or bring another viewpoint is dependably a decent method to sparkle in a social circumstance.

Who do you think individuals need to tune in to: the person who spent his excursions at home doing some planting and perusing the daily paper, or the person who spent seven days in Cuba, driving an old American auto, swimming with dolphins and tasting scrumptiously fiery nourishment? I know which story I need to catch wind of…

Eating neighborhood sustenance in another nation is an altogether new affair. Every one of the flavors are extraordinary. Here me out: I’m French and I adore our nearby formulas. You do to. Be that as it may, how about we not kid ourselves: some change would be more than welcome in our every day consume less calories. In the event that simply because we’re normally curious. Some sustenance bloggers travel a large number of kilometers for a particular dish! The minimum you can do is travel to the following district and take a stab at something new.