Month: July 2018

How to buy cheap tools on craigslist

Let’s face it – woodworking is expensive hobby. There’s always some tool, material or something else that you need, but don’t have. But for most of us, buying everything is not an option. We have to make hard decisions and buy only things that are essential. But these kinds of budget-related hardships also makes us…

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How to store your tools efficiently

Knowing how to properly store your tools is one of the most important skills to have for any DIYer. Manufacturers usually do fine job while manufacturing the tools. They try to ensure that it will last at least couple of years, but not storing your tools properly might make that lifespan shorter. That’s why i’ve…

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Choosing splitting maul for your home

I’ve recently bought my summer home in lake tahoe, and it comes with fireplace. So, naturally, i was looking for options. I had the option of buying wood that was already split, or buying logs and splitting them myself. As for splitting, i had to make a choice between the hand work, by which i…

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