Choosing splitting maul for your home

I’ve recently bought my summer home in lake tahoe, and it comes with fireplace. So, naturally, i was looking for options. I had the option of buying wood that was already split, or buying logs and splitting them myself. As for splitting, i had to make a choice between the hand work, by which i mean using splitting axe, or using efficient log splitter machines, which are much more expensive. I decided to go with splitting mauls, and did a little bit of research to make sure i made the right choice.

First of all, i wondered why did i even need splitting maul in the first place. Couldn’t i just use my regular axe? And the answer to that, is – yes, regular axes can technically be used for the task, but they’re inefficient, and if you’re planning to do this a lot, they’re going to break down quickly. So good wood splitting axe is really worth the investment. First of all, they are longer in length, so they’re much safer to use. If god-forbid any accident happens, you won’t injure yourself. And i believe safety is the most important concern when dealing with sharp tools. It’s also designed for splitting wood, which means it can perform the job faster and better. Not to mention the fact that it doesn’t even cost that much more than regular axe.

Spotting good axe for splitting wood isn’t hard. It obviously has to have sturdy build and be built of high quality materials. You don’t want it to break or crack in the process. Good and somewhat obvious way to tell quality tools apart, is to look at the brand. They might have higher prices, but that’s usually for a reason. Looking at online and amazon reviews is also pretty good indicator of quality, but it’s not totally foolproof.

 After few days of research, i landed on Fiskars X27 splitting maul. It had just the perfect length for my height. It also weighs just enough to have good impact strength, but not too much so swinging it doesn’t make your arms tired. But it also does require certain amount of strength to wield.  I’m six foot two, and i find it just perfect for my height, so for people with average height this exact model might not work well. I think they have shorter versions though. I can also attest to it’s sharpness – it was one of the sharpest axes i’ve ever tried. My friends, who have used other splitting mauls in the past, have also noted it’s perfect sharpness. It can split logs of any size i’ve tried. I haven’t tried very big ones, but anything up to 25 inches in diameter is fair game.

I hope this tutorial helps someone.

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