How to buy cheap tools on craigslist

Let’s face it – woodworking is expensive hobby. There’s always some tool, material or something else that you need, but don’t have. But for most of us, buying everything is not an option. We have to make hard decisions and buy only things that are essential. But these kinds of budget-related hardships also makes us stronger. Over the years, i’ve developed experience in bargain hunting, which allows me to stretch my budget and have more tools without excess expenses. There are many ways to get good deals on tools, but in this post, i’ll be sharing tricks that i use to find good bargains on craigslist. I used these tips to buy excellent used electric wood splitter. Even the article by TheSawExpert cites my splitter as one of the best.

Granted, there are many scammers on craigslist, but those listings are quite easy to spot, so it doesn’t really pose problem for us. There are many more listings that are legit used tools, and some of them are truly rare gems. Those are hard to come by, but with enough expertise and patience, finding them is certainly possible.

To start the search for good deals, first you need to write down what kind of tools you’re looking for. If you’re just generally interested in expanding your toolkit, that’s even better, because you’ll have wider pool of options. If you’re beginner though, it’s better to first get some versatile tool that can do lots of different types of work. First thing that comes to mind, is circular saw.

 Whenever i’m shopping for used tools on craigslist, i always shop on Amazon first to find the models and brands that i like. If brand and model are important to you, then make sure you get the exact cost of that one. Amazon has great features to help you pick the best tool for yourself and i like reading the reviews. Once i’m done choosing, i search those specific models on craigslist. It’s good to have multiple options lined up, so that if one’s not for sale on Craigslist, you can try others. Starting your deal-hunt by looking up new models is also beneficial because it gives you rough estimate of how much you should expect to pay for the same tool in used condition. Well-maintained used tools usually go for half the list price, but i’ve found some that cost much less.

Getting to know pros and cons of different brands will also serve you well in your search for bargain tools. Home improvement tools are usually divided in two categories – professional and amateur. Professional tools are made for people who make a living doing this kind of stuff, whereas amateur-oriented tools, as the name suggests, are for people who only use those tools on weekends. They’re not made for heavy duty work, and will quickly break down if you use them everyday for rough tasks. But if you just plan to use them occasionally, they’re perfect.    For example, Ryobi is one of the brands that makes tools for amateurs. I use many of their tools, and they’re really great, as long as you don’t use it for high-maintenance work. On the other hand, DeWalt is more expensive and made for heavy duty tasks. So buying DeWalt and not utilizing it to it’s full extent would be a waste of money.

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