How to store your tools efficiently

Knowing how to properly store your tools is one of the most important skills to have for any DIYer. Manufacturers usually do fine job while manufacturing the tools. They try to ensure that it will last at least couple of years, but not storing your tools properly might make that lifespan shorter. That’s why i’ve been searching for better way of storing tools for the past few months. I’ve found some rare tips and tricks that helped me, and could certainly help you store your tools more efficiently. Some of these might seem obvious, but i thought i’d include them anyway, since some of the readers might be complete beginners.
 First of all, let’s talk about metal tools. Tools that are made of metal or aluminum, should be kept in dry and dark place. When moisturized, metal tissues dissolve more easily, resulting in corrosion and rust. Sun beams and moisture is usually the main cause, so keeping them in dark and dry space should slow down the process. If these tools are too big to store in a box, try to cover them up with something to prevent sun and moisture from reaching its surface. I think it also goes without saying that battery powered tools like worm drive saws should also be protected from rain or other potential sources of water damage.

 Finding space for storage drawers or toolboxes wasn’t hard for me, but it might be for others. I use one remote corner of my garage as the headquarters for my woodworking operations. Luckily for me, my garage is quite spacey so i’m able to fit everything i need in there easily. Including my portable air compressor, which i bought according to these tips by TheSawExpert. If you live in apartments, there are some cool designs for toolboxes on Pinterest. They are intended to perfectly blend in with the furniture, so your apartment won’t look weird if someone comes over. Remember that these should just be inspirations, and you’re free to improvize by tweaking these designs to fit your needs.

 If you’re short on space in your garage, i believe there are some tools that allow you to utilize unused storage space on the walls and in the ceiling. In my experience, hangers are great for small and medium sized tools, but might not work for heavy ones.

 If you have a shed, check if you have some space in there, too. A lot of people who don’t have garages store their tools in a shed.

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